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Customs – G.d.F. – G.d.F.

Customs Offices have specific institutional tasks, essential in the execution of airport activities, pursuant to the provisions of President of the Republic Decree No. 43 of January 23, 1973 - (T.U.L.D.), as well as by European Regulation No. 2913 of October 12, 1992 and the European Regulation No. 2454 on July 2, 1993.

Guardia di Finanza
Guardia di Finanza tasks in the airport are executed pursuant to Decree of the President of the Republic no. 43 of January 23, 1973 - (T.U.L.D.).

Guardia di Finanza is delegated to perform airport security activities, at the driveway gate, checking people and vehicles entering critical areas, and also all specific tasks in case of request by Public Safety Officers.
  GE.S.A.C. S.p.A.
Aeroporto di Salerno - Costa d'Amalfi
Via Olmo snc - 84092 - Bellizzi (SA)
P.IVA e C.F. 03166090633

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