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Master Plan

Salerno Airport Master Plan provides infrastructural works for a total of 257 million euros up to 2043, between public and private funding that, gradually, will enable to host up to 6 million passengers.

The most significant works concern:

  • Extension of the runway
  • New passenger terminal and general aviation terminal
  • Aircraft parking spaces
  • Fuel depot
  • Operational buildings

An additional 150 million euro will be provided by Campania Region for the enhancement of the airport access infrastructures, such as the connection with the motorway and the extension of Salerno metro to the airport.
The infrastructural works of the new Salerno airport are the result of a complex group of investments that are divided into several phases connected and overlapping.

In July 2020, the first works of war devices removal started and have been completed on the main areas of the runway.

Since the beginning of 2022, the interventions have undergone a further significant boost: in fact, the new runway is under construction and will reach 2.000 meters in length and will be equipped with modern and effective light signaling systems.

In January 2022, the design of the so-called Phase 2 has been assigned, which includes, among other works, the construction of the new passenger terminal, the second extension of the runway up to 2.200 meters, parking spaces and access area to the airport.

The project of the works has been assigned, through international tender procedure, to a group of companies led by the multinational company Deerns, which has a consolidated experience in the field of airport design around the world, and has been involved, among others, in the enhancement of Amsterdam Schiphol, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City airports.

All the activities will allow the opening of the new airport, one of the most modern and environmentally sustainable in Europe, starting from 2024.

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