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    The province of Salerno for the vastness, complexity and diversity of the territory, is one of the most varied provinces of Italy. The North zone of the province is divided among the famous Amalfi coast, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, and the inland "Agro Nocerino Sarnese, the second flat area after the plain of Sele. The latter, a swampy and unhealthy land till Novecento, is today a highly productive agricultural area, with a strong tourist attraction, thanks to the presence of Paestum, an archaeological area, among the most important in the country.
    Toward south we find the Cilento area, very wide, with fascinating landscape, where the natural environment is one of the most interesting and spectacular of South Italy. This environmental vocation of so many areas of the Province of Salerno has allowed, over the times, to many of these of becoming part of UNESCO World Heritage, especially for the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of landscapes: international awards reward the policy of preserving the right balance between environmental and cultural values.
    As a confirmation of how the province of Salerno is an area of excellence, numerous localities over the years have been awarded the blue flags, awarded to places in which the beauty and clarity of marine waters better combines with tourist accommodation, in addition to numerous parks, first of all that of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano, protected areas in which the impact of man on nature is among the less invasive in the world.
    A unique territory, characterized by the alternation of coastal areas and mountains, rushing rivers and streams, tongues of golden beaches and caves carved into the bowels of the Earth (Grotte di Pertosa and Castelcivita).
    The province of Salerno is also a place rich in history and traditions, yet tangible today through numerous testimonies. A place that was a Greek colony, then Etruscan, Roman, and finally had his greatest glory as cradle of modern medicine, of the famous Scuola Medica Salernitana, the first and most important medical institution in Europe in the early middle ages (IX century) and, as such, considered by many to be the mother of modern universities.
    A place where, even today, are perfectly visible, through archaeological findings of international value, the signs of the past. First of all, with its stunning temples, not forgetting Velia, homeland of the Eleatics Parmenides and Zeno, Buccino and Pontecagnano Faiano.
    History but also, and above all, artistic tradition, which finds its highest expression through monuments of timeless beauty. First and foremost those related to religion, demonstrated by the incessant construction of abbeys, churches, shrines and hermitages. These include the Cathedral of S. Matteo, situated in the historic centre of Salerno, Amalfi Cathedral, the Abbey of SS. Trinity at Cava de ' Tirreni, Certosa di s. Lorenzo in Padula which, together with the magnificent villas (among Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello) make the province of Salerno, a unique place.

    You can find information about events planned in Campania, Salerno and its province, in the portal of the CAmpana Beni Culturali Society (Scabec SpA, an in-house company of the Campania Region) at the following link: Scabec.

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