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Check-in and baggage
Passengers should arrive at the airport in good time for the completion of the check-in operations. Check-in opens one and a half hours before departure time for flights within the Schengen area and two and a half hours for flights outside the Schengen area. Check-in closes 25 minutes before departure time for domestic flights and 35 minutes for international and charter flights, unless stated differently by the airline; passengers who do not comply with check-in deadlines will not be accepted for travel and the airline has the right to forfeit their tickets.
Passengers with special requirements, notified when booking the ticket, need to be at the check-in an hour before the designated time.
The passengers need to present the required documents at the check-in (ticket reference number, a validated passport or National ID) and their baggage..
The check-in assistant will release a boarding pass with the following information: time of boarding, gate number and assigned seat (if expected by the airline).
All baggage, hold or hand luggage, needs to have a tag with personal data (name, surname, address and phone number). Check-in baggage weight and pricing rules vary according to the airline. Contact your travel operator or airline for information on size and weight restrictions for carry-on and hold baggage. If your baggage exceeds the size or weight limits, you may be charged an excess baggage fee.

Cabin luggage: Cabin luggage is restricted to one piece per passenger and the maximum dimensions for a cabin bag is 115 cm (sum of height, width and depth) and weighing less than 8 Kg (weight can vary according to the airline). A laptop or a camera or hand bag can be also carried on board.

Hold baggage: hold baggage needs to be tightly closed and tagged with the passenger’s name, address and phone number.
Airlines and Airport do not take responsibilities for transporting values, documents, medicines in the hold baggage. Airline can refuse to register luggage that is not properly packed. The hold baggage allowance is normally fixed by the Carrier and any excess is taxed according to the Airline rules.
Transportation of liquids separated from hand baggage: liquids must be contained in containers having a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters (1/10 of a liter) or equivalent (eg 100 grams) and the containers must be packed in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag with  capacity not exceeding 1 liter (ie with dimensions of for example approximately 18 x 20 cm). For each passenger (including infants) will be allowed to carry one and only one plastic bag that have to be transported separately from hand luggage.

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Aeroporto di Salerno - Costa d'Amalfi
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