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Salerno - Costa d'Amalfi Airport always advises to contact the air carrier since general transport policies may be altered by individual airlines. Generally the requirements are as set out below.

Transporting animals is generally allowed under certain rules and regulations; with some airlines it is prohibited, so please check with the airline when booking your ticket.
A passenger is usually allowed to carry a small size pet into the cabin as carry-on luggage, if the weight of the animal (including transport box) does not exceed 10 kilograms (check anyway with the airline). The animal has to be kept in a strong transport box with waterproof bottom and with air hole / network to let the pet breathe. The box size must be adequate to the animal's size.

In case of exceeding the permitted weight, the pet will be loaded in the pressurised  cargo hold, if the aircraft is fitted out.
Be sure to bring your pet's health card and check the vaccinations and certificates required in the country you are travelling from,  to or through.
The passenger has to provide the pet with the necessary food and water throughout the flight.
A maximum of 5 pets from the same species can be placed in the same container.

Some airlines do not allow transporting a pet on board and some others do not have facilities to carry an animal in the cargo hold. Please check with your airline company before booking.

Guide dogs for blind and deaf are transported free of charge on board, without a weight limit or transport box. The guide dogs need to be on a leash and wearing a muzzle. Please remember to prove your disability with a medical certification.

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Aeroporto di Salerno - Costa d'Amalfi
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